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Make an Impact

In blockbuster action movies, you watch heroes making big jumps and leaps to save the day. They get from one place to another so fast they can save a city in one day.


It’s easy to believe that making big decisions and moving fast is how we will make an impact.


I recently finished podcast #521.


At what point while recording and releasing those 521 podcasts did the big, transformative leap occur? The moment I felt I was making a big difference?


It didn’t.


It wasn’t an external leap I took. The first two hundred podcasts were listened to by fewer than a hundred people.


My leap was an internal one. The decision I made was to create a short 20-minute podcast that didn’t interview anyone. And then redeciding, each week, to record again and again and not stop.


Everyone told me with that format it would never be a top 100 podcast. Is my podcast in the top 100? No, and probably will never be. But that’s okay; I don’t research and record for that reason.


My advice is to leap and jump today.


Perhaps you begin by visualizing it. In the most concrete terms you can. If you took a leap today, what would it look like? Who would benefit? And what is the reason you are doing it?


Now, write it down and jump! 



Inspired by Seth Godin’s great idea and even better writing on his February 29th, 2024 blog.





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