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Siobahn Hotaling


Siobahn Hotaling is a human behavior specialist with expertise in employee development, and over 20 years of experience in personal coaching. With a focus on ethics, human dynamics, and personal and team communications, she has helped employees and leaders from all walks of life create more fulfilling lives through building self-compassion and personal integrity.


Siobahn is a perpetual student, and after 15 years in corporate America, recently received her Master's in Psychology from Harvard University's Extension School. 


Dr. Sasha Heinz


Dr. Heinz is a developmental and positive psychologist. An expert in human performance, change, and applied positive psychology, she assists organizations and individuals to thrive through the process of change, achieve challenging goals, and perform at their peak. 


She received a BA from Harvard University, a Master's in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University. 

Marina Cadei bio photo.jpg

Marina Cadei


Marina is an Italian-born, naturalized British consultant and researcher. She received a Bachelor of Science in London (U.K.), and she is currently studying human cognition and behavior together with clinical psychology with a particular interest in creativity and psychopathology at Harvard Extension School.  She divides her time between London and her native Italy, intimately appreciating the heritage and the culture of both countries.


Cynthia Judge

Communications Coach

Cynthia Judge has a twenty-year history in this field. She trained as an actor in the Speech and Theatre Department at Baldwin-Wallace University, followed by training at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. Her focus shifted to bringing the use of improvisation to the corporate setting. Ms. Judge designs and conducts Workshops using role-play for organizations in the areas of leadership training, sales training, human resources, Executive Presence, and Communication Skills. 


Gale Bray


Gale brings her expertise in the research arena. The focus of her research is in the areas of brain health and performance, resilience, stress, change, and adapting in the workplace. She is also a keynote speaker and facilitator.


Gale earned her Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Communication and her Master's degree from Harvard Extension School in Psychology, focusing on brain health and the role of the brain and cognition in relation to human potential. 

Matt Christensen.jpg

Matt Christiensen

Legal Counsel and RFP Writer

Matt provides general counsel services such as contract negotiation and executes RFP responses. Matt’s experience in both arenas protects the company and optimally positions it in competitive environments. Matt has over 10 years of crafting responses to RFPs in all environments ranging from federal to municipal.


He has a J.D. from Duquesne University School of Law and a Master’s Degree in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh. 


Olivia Eliason 

Client Services Consultant

Olivia earned her Bachelors degree in Psychology and has worked for several start-ups in the Silicon Slopes area in sales and client experience.  She has received numerous client sales and experience awards for her ability to connect and solve client issues.

Olivia is passionate about workplace brain health and spends her free time playing pickleball, tennis, spikeball and cooking with friends.


Dakota McBride

Multimedia Specialist

Dakota is constantly pursuing the best ways to tell great stories. With a passion for the visual arts, namely video and filmmaking, Dakota aims to deliver excellent and entertaining content. Marrying the principles of filmmaking and entrepreneurship, he approaches multimedia from a unique angle to amplify the impact of the brands and businesses he works with. Dakota holds a Bachelor of Science in Creative Media and Film from Northern Arizona University.  

Silvia Li_edited.jpg

Silvia Li


Silvia has been impacting Fortune 500 companies and the largest health systems in the US through best-practice research on leader development and engagement for nearly 15 years. Her passion is to connect leaders with meaningful ideas and solutions that help them achieve new heights in their work. 


She earned her degrees in international relations, history, and East Asian Studies from Johns Hopkins University.

Theresa Miller yellow.png

Dr. Theresa Miller


Theresa is a former Director of Leadership Effectiveness at UCLA and former Senior Vice President of Learning and Development at one of the largest health and human services agencies in Illinois. She has provided executive coaching and leadership development to C Suite leaders in both commercial and non-profit organizations. 


She has earned a Ph.D. in psychology with an emphasis on organizational behavior. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is certified by the International Coach Federation.

Tracy Lowrance.jpg

Tracy Lowrance

Senior Consultant, Business Development and Contracting

Dr. Lowrance is an experienced organizational development consultant specializing in change and organizational learning. She offers expertise in statistical analysis, strategic planning, and implementation for organization and employee initiatives. ​

Tracy obtained her Master of Education and Human Development from George Washington University, and a Doctorate of Education from George Washington University. 


Brandon Edwards

Chief Corporate Story Teller

Brandon is Master Storyteller and dedicated communicator. His explorations across 40+ countries, has shaped his narratives with a global perspective, a treasure he eagerly shares in both English and Italian.

His educational path includes a Masters from Harvard University, and postgraduate achievements from the University of Cambridge and Harvard University.

Monika Szamko_14 (2).jpg

Monika Szamko


Monika Szamko is a fearless optimist and organizational visionary who focuses on solving complex challenges while helping her clients accelerate and scale. Monika concentrates on the people-side of transformation and thrives at the intersection of several disciplines, with her expertise lying in strategy and operating model alignment, rapid growth, culture transformation, and development across industries, including tech, biotech, retail, energy, and financial services. 

Jenn Stott

Jenn Stott

Graphic and Instructional Designer

Jenn makes our science look good. A talented graphic and instructional designer, Jenn has had a successful career designing work for Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and organizations. She has created everything from eye-catching bestselling book covers to highly detailed learning curricula. Jenn graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. Everything we do at the Adaption Institute looks good because of her.

Chloe Linnea.jpeg

Chloe Linnea

Intern and I-Gen Expert

Chloe earned her Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology at the Harvard Extension School, focusing on Generation Z (I-Gen) and their early career development and transition into corporate culture.


She lived in Italy for 18 months and is fluent in Italian. She is dedicated to helping her generation cultivate and integrate their careers, personal passions, and social advocacy.  ​


Jason Moore

London Office Partner: Consultant, Facilitator, Designer, and Designer

Jason is a senior design partner and facilitator for ambitious culture change and transformational leadership programs. 

He believes it is important to design and create a space where people learn and adapt through doing, enjoy learning, and are inspired to take action. His work has touched over 500,000 people in 80+ countries.

Emily Socha 2021.Nov.png

Emily Socha

Administrative Manager

Emily is the backbone of the Adaption Institute and keeps all things running smoothly.  One of our lead project managers, Emily has a tie to every project that comes through the Adaption Institute. An avid sailor, Emily competes as often as time and her family allow!

Tony Overbay.jpg

Tony Overbay


Tony has spent his career specializing in adult learning, habit formation, and mindfulness in both corporate and personal settings. A popular speaker, researcher, and licensed therapist, Tony focuses on how individuals can increase performance, job fulfillment, and grit/resilience in the workplace.


Tony specializes in a strength-based approach that focuses on how adults learn and create positive habits and increase grit at the individual and corporate levels. 


Adaption Institute has partnered with over 50+ prominent researchers and scientists in the fields of Applied Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Science, Change/Adaption, Neurobiology, Sociology, and Human Performance and Potential to ensure our clients cutting-edge solutions and innovative thinking.
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