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You Have Enough

Happy 2017! We begin another exciting year with lots of hope for what this year will bring.

In 2017 let’s do it differently than we have in the past. I used to write lots of resolutions on New Year's Eve and after 20 years and 2 Ph.D.’s, I realize that I had it all wrong.

I already have enough. You already have enough.

You are starting 2017 with plenty to make you fulfilled and happy.

How about this year we look at what we already have and stop for a minute, breathe, look and say, “I have enough.” Take a moment to notice all the positive aspects of your life.

2017 is the year of experiences, not things.

I love my Bose Quiet Comfort Earphones when I travel. I love my Ipad and I LOVE soda (or pop depending on where you live). But I don’t need them to be happy. Every billboard, magazine, and company tells me I need to buy their stuff, and “then I will be happy!” No, I don’t, I already have enough to keep me happy—so do you.

I am going to create a Dr. CK Bray doll that when you pull the string behind the neck I say “Don’t buy it—it won’t make you happy.” Then when you consider buying that new gigantic T.V. or going into debt for that beach vacation you just pull the string behind my neck and I talk some sense into you.

Want to feel rich? Every study of happiness says the best way to feel rich is to be grateful for what you have. Try it for a change—that’s a resolution worth writing down.

You already have way more than you need.

Thanks for being a part of my tribe!


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