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Which Choice Are You Making?

Today, will you raise your hand and volunteer or will you hide in your office or cubicle?

Will you get up early and meditate, exercise or sleep in and start your day in a mad rush?

Will you write the first chapter in your book or stare at your phone (social media, news, games) for an hour and numb your brain?

Will you choose to learn something that increases your value at work or will you continue being exactly the same?

Will you choose to be friendly, kind and look for service opportunities or will you complain to yourself all day that life has done you wrong?

You spend your entire day moving towards the person you want to be or running away from it. Each day, each moment, you make the decision of who you are going to be. It isn't about arriving, it is about becoming, it’s about the trajectory you set yourself on each day.

So when the next fork in the road comes, consciously decide which way you choose to go. You are creating your life. It isn't what happens to you, it is how you perceive and react to it.

I get that we all have bad days, I had one of those days yesterday and a pint of Haagan Daaz vanilla and blackberry swirl with chocolate layers helped me survive. Bad days don't stop trajectory, they provide a moment to breathe and realize great journeys are always fraught with difficulty.


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