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Throw Out the Expired You – It Stinks

If you are around a friend of mine for more than 5 minutes he will let you know he played college football. The only problem is it was 25 years ago. His football career has expired.

Another friend of mine was a big-time model in New York during the mid-’90s. She modeled for big name brands and was actually chosen to be the face of a well-known shampoo. (Not Vidal Sasson). She reminds me weekly of those days through her Instagram throwback Thursday pictures. Her modeling career has expired.

It's time to stop using titles that don’t accurately represent who we are now and earn our titles and stories in 2017.

It is easier to hold on to a title or past success because we easily excuse ourselves from working hard at creating a new success. We are doing much more DECLARING than we are DOING. (Thanks to Derek Sivers for that line!) No more living off the success of our expired selves. It’s time to talk about something new.

I wrote my first book last year and planned on riding that wave for a few years. Yesterday I decided I could write a better book so I’m going to earn the title of author and writer again in 2017. I’m excited.

This year throw out the expired you (think expired milk---it is stinking up the place) and create a new success, a new title, and new experiences. If you like your title earn it again in 2017.


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