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The Compromise

I was watching old home videos from twenty years ago that we recently had converted from those small video camera tapes.  Five minutes into watching, I had a stark realization that I was not young anymore.  What happened, and where did the time go?  Later that evening, I wrote in my journal all the ways my life up to this point ended up better than I expected.  I also wrote all the ways I hadn’t yet fulfilled my potential.  

When looking at the second list, I realized I had compromised in some areas. Compromised being courageous, compromised conflict that was needed, compromised sticking up for myself and compromised my time to things that didn’t have a lasting benefit.  I didn’t even see it at the time because the problem with compromises is that they seem so small and inconsequential at the time, but over the years they build and have a strong influence.  It is time to stop compromising.




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