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The Big “C” To Leave Behind This Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Ever since Covid started, it seems complaining has been on the increase. I can’t go anywhere without hearing someone complain about something. If there is one thing I am sure of, we don’t need more complaining during the holiday season.

Complaining is detrimental for your brain. Your brain likes to take action and solve problems. Complaining does neither of these.

Complaining means three things:

  1. I sincerely believe I can’t change what I am complaining about. “I am powerless.”

  2. I am too lazy to change what I am complaining about. “I am weak.”

  3. I like complaining. “I shun opportunities to grow.”

Hits different when put in first-person statements, doesn’t it!

This holiday season is one of hope and optimism and is needed more than ever. Watch your words this month, and make sure you are spreading hope and optimism. Your brain will thank you.




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