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Tell Them

Every so often, I run across an article or book someone wrote that I wish I had written because the message is written in such an original way. This morning I read a blog from Derek Sivers. The idea isn’t original, but when he shared how he was putting it into action, I knew I had to share it. I hope you not only love the article, but you put the idea into action. You can read more of Derek’s writing at


When you think something nice about someone, you should tell them.

People don’t hear enough compliments.

Even well-known people. We assume they must hear it too much. But famous people often say the thanks from the public is the best part of the job.

So I think of it as my duty, when someone has made a difference in my life, to let them know.

Recent examples:

  • Emailed Shruti Rajagopalan to say I’m a fan of her work, and I met two of her mutual friends in India.

  • Contacted Nancy Duarte after six years to say I’m still using her Resonate framework of presentation, and I’m glad we met ten years ago.

  • Emailed Austin Kleon to let him know that three different people referenced him last month in India.

  • Found the email address for professor Sharon Kaye after reading her book, Philosophy: a Complete Introduction, to tell her that she is the clearest writer I’ve ever read.

  • Emailed Russ Roberts to say how much I love his podcast and new book.

  • Texted my friend Laura Clesceri to tell her I appreciate our conversations.

  • Told the guy at the cafe that I loved his shirt with the Atari Adventure dragon.

  • ... and complimented three adorable dogs (to their owners) while out on my walk in the forest today.

These examples took a combined total of about fifteen minutes of my life. By text or email, I send just two or three sentences.

As soon as I feel the feeling of appreciation, I flip over to my email app, tap tap tap send, and get back to what I was doing.

There really is no better use of my time, or yours.

Side note: Only about half of them reply. But that’s OK, since I’m not doing it for the reply.






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