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Seek the Ordinary

There is a reason superhero movies are so popular. There seems to be an innate desire for each of us to feel and do something extraordinary. We cheer on the Olympian, who defies human capacity and accomplishes incredible feats. We then wish we could have a similar moment in our lives. Just one! A moment where others see us as extraordinary. Who doesn’t want to be cheered on, receive the award, get the promotion, and be praised for their accomplishments?

BUT this is a problem; it is a lie. Society is continually bombarding us with messages that we are ordinary “unless” we buy this car, that watch, go on vacation there, live in a house like this, or look/dress a certain way. We are extraordinary if we sit on a board, are millionaires by thirty, or invent something life-changing. But if we don’t, we are only ordinary. Even the word sounds plain and boring. Ordinary life is now considered a meaningless life. What a terrible feeling, to miss the truly important in life because we are continually seeking to stand out.

Your brain and the science of extraordinary tells a different story. During the pandemic, all eight members of the Bray family were under one roof. One evening while playing a card game, I looked around the table. We had good food, everyone was laughing, and some serious competitive gameplay was on. This was an extraordinary moment, and all the feel-good chemicals were running through my brain and body. I was reminded it is the ordinary moments of life that bring meaning.

Beware of the big lie being sold to you every day on social media, advertisements, and grocery store magazines. The truth is your life is meaningful when you call your neighbor, take food to someone sick or in need, have a belly laugh with a friend at dinner, or take a moment to see and hear another human. It is even more powerful now when strife and discord are becoming the norm.

This week, seek the ordinary.




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