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Quit Whining—You’re Thirty Years Old

Nothing comes easy in life.

Nothing! Zip, Zero, Nada, لا شى (that’s Arabic for nothing).

If something did come easy for you, hang on tight because it most likely won’t be around for long. You rarely keep what you don’t earn.

Excellence, talent, fame, and success rarely occur without hard work, extreme action, and long-term dedication. So instead of doing those things (hard work, extreme action, and long-term dedication) we whine and complain.

It is so much easier to whine than to do something about it. And I will be the first to say I am tired of whining. Everybody has a whine about something and few other people care what that is, they are too tired from getting their own whine on.

Not getting that promotion? Not getting the raises you want? Still, carrying around the extra 10 pounds? Still in debt up to your nose? Then stop whining and throw all of your energy into doing what it takes to make a change. Yes, try giving it your all for once, go all out and be extreme! Instead of walking one mile choose to walk three miles today. Be EXTREME! Let your goal KILL YOU and see what happens. You will surprise yourself and I bet something great will happen.

Let me know how it goes.


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