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Quit Being Talked Onto the Wrong Path

One of the most important lessons I learned from my 17 years in large corporate is to not let others talk me into things that aren't right for me. Have you ever been talked into doing something that you "just knew" wasn't going to end up going well? (…and it didn't!) I have, and I ended up going down a few wrong paths because I listened to what everyone else wanted me to do and ignored the path that I knew was right for me.

Don't get me wrong, I always listen and consider what someone is saying! I am not going to shut out possibly great information, but before making a decision, I consider two “possibility” buckets.

Bucket #1 - This is going to be exciting, fun, challenging and it may even require courage! The journey is as fun as the end result and you can bet I am going to grow and develop during the process.

Bucket #2 - This is going to drain the life out of me and I'm in for serious misery. (Is there no other way to accomplish this?)

I let these two buckets serve as my compass in the decision making process. Why? If I hate something, or despise doing it I am not going to stay engaged for the long haul. My chances for success are minimal if I am not excited about the work and what it offers.

Considering the decisions I make daily in this way and regularly choosing the possibilities that fall into bucket #1 allows me to work wonders with my clients, my business, my family and leads to my own personal happiness and fulfillment. The other bucket leads me to nothing but misery and complaining.

I am a firm believer in hard work and I realize that everything doesn't have to be fun---but if I can't find someone to help me out or take over work that drains me I can focus on bucket #1. Having this awareness and making the right decisions is when doors begin to open and more fulfilling opportunities present themselves.

Use the buckets above as a compass and take the time for a quick gut check the next time someone knows just the right thing for you to do with your career. Remember, it’s YOUR career….


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