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Our Normal

Our normal changed.  Aspects of our lives shifted, from work to family, dating, eating, shopping, and even how we communicate and live with each other. 

We assume that once everything goes back to normal, so will we.  But we won’t, you are now different.  Your brain changed, your perceptions changed, and your expectations changed.

You can’t unlearn how to ride a bicycle.  You can’t unsee tragedy.  You can’t un-feel the sadness, sorrow, worry, and fear of the past three weeks.  (Who would have thought I would witness grown adults fighting over toilet paper?).   

You are different now, and that’s okay.  Look at yourself in the mirror, look right into your eyes and make a choice to be better, more compassionate, more service-oriented today, and in the future. Make an effort to see others.  It is a lonely, scary, and fearful time.  Research tells us that when we help others, our fear, loneliness, and anxiety decreases. 

You will always win at life when you make that choice.  Hope is a beautiful word during suffering. 




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