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Matt’s Journey: Matt Gets a Job

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

I hope everyone is having a great week! I have been receiving emails wondering what happened with Matt, his job loss, and if he ever found a new job. I have some good news, but I think you should hear it straight from Matt, so I had him catch us up on what has happened the last month and a half. Congrats to Matt! (If you need to catch up on Matt’s Story go to my Blog page, his story begins last month.)



Hey everyone!!!! Matt here. I am happy to report that my mornings are no longer filled with SportsCenter, long workouts at the gym followed by an afternoon nap. They begin much earlier now due to the fact that I have been HIRED! I am making money and I can now afford to buy food! I am not going to say that it has been easy, but enough complaining; let me catch you up on the last two months.

Picture this, I am laying on my couch with 18 days of stubble (give or take 3 weeks), old Pringle and Frito remnants on my shirt, and the Indeed app open on my phone. I have had 5 interviews that were still “pending.” You know the ones I’m talking about, “We will give you a call. We should be making a decision next week. We are very diligent and responsible about getting back to people regardless of the decision.” And a month has gone by and I haven’t heard a thing. Thanks for the courtesy. Nothing like getting rejected to make a person angrier than they already are.

So I decided to get off of the couch, make a little money and work on moving the blood through my system by helping a friend at his ranch. The first day there, I slipped on some ice and broke my ankle and my leg. Now before you start feeling bad for me, I got a fancy boot to keep my leg warm in the winter months and my previously minuscule arms have been drastically enhanced through using crutches. Downside: impossible to carry a mug of coffee. So I was back on the couch. And I will throw in here that it was a good thing that I had Dr. Bray’s ear so that I could complain and have him give me the motivational magic and the “What you need to do!” that he is so good at!!

As it turns out, I had interviewed with a company about a month before and they had decided that they were going to fill a position at a lower entry point than the one I had applied for. I was a bit sad about it because it was in the industry I wanted to be in and a great organization. After the phone call, I had a Wendy’s hamburger, fries, and frosty (or 2) to help me get over the rejection. Well, about the time that my accident happened, they called back. Could I fly down to the area for an interview? …….. “Well……..hmmmm, hooooo,…. Errrrrrr…uummmmm…….. Yes!!! I absolutely can! So I hop on a plane the next week and fly to my interview. As it turns out the pilot of the plane hates people on crutches so he parks a million miles from the terminal.

I am crutching through the airport and I am about to collapse from exhaustion when I hear someone call my name, it was none other than Dr. Bray!! He was flying in from a business trip and happened to be at the airport at the exact same time! Miracles do happen. Not only do I get a ride, but I get professional advice and some “go, get ‘em motivation” before my interview. He even takes me back to the airport!!! There is a special place in Success Heaven for him….anything to help someone get ahead!

So I had my interview and, get this, when they ask me why I am the best for the job, I actually say, “I’m not the best for the job, I am positive that you can find someone better than me but you won’t find anyone more positive, more motivated (and then I listed a bunch of other reasons why I would be good.) I heard later, (after I got the job!!!!!) that some people really liked that statement for the humility. But when I walked out, I thought, “Did I really just say that?”

So here I am, living in a new city and working for a new company. I am not sure this is my dream job, but I do hope my experience helps as you go after your dream job (I am not there yet, but I will be) and I hope some of you are reading this and are in the same spot as me (working, but still trying to make something great happen) and maybe some of you are still on the couch (I applaud you for sticking in there and it will happen, just make sure to keep that app open A LOT because it is a numbers game). Thanks for being interested In my career journey!


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