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It’s Not Always About You!

Almost everything great or meaningful that happens in your life starts with another person.

Great memories, big laughs, job promotions, and other opportunities will most likely happen with someone you know; someone you like and someone who likes you.

500 LinkedIn friends won’t make you laugh when you’re down and 500 Facebook friends won’t call you when you are sick. Sure, they might message you and say they hope you feel better, but personally, I would rather have them bring me chicken soup or take a kid or two off my hands so I can nap!

Your next big step in life will more than likely happen with or because of someone you know, so it might be a good idea to get to know a few people.

Be a person who gives, who listens, and who discovers what others can’t see in the people around you.

What not to do: Don’t be a mosquito and suck everything out of everyone. Mosquitos take and don’t ever give back and no one wants to be around a mosquito!

Go talk to people and make some friends.

Post Note: When a college friend came to visit last month I told my two teenage daughters they needed to be home to meet one of my good friends from college. The first question they asked was, “You have friends?” Working at home and traveling frequently can make it hard to have any friends. I am going to take my own advice on this one!


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