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It Isn’t Going to Be You

Someone is going to win the lottery this week, it isn’t going to be you.

Someone is going to be discovered for their singing talent, it is most likely not going to be you.

Someone is going to receive millions of dollars for their startup this week, it isn’t going to be you.

Someone’s podcast is going to be listed on the 50 most popular podcasts, it isn’t going to be yours (or mine!)

Are you sufficiently depressed yet? Don't be.

We all want to win big quickly. We want to be noticed immediately for our hard work and sacrifices. We want to make life look easy. We want our piece of the pie right now! We don’t want to work hard, learn and put in the time and effort for our long-term success.

Being chosen by someone else is much easier than doing your own work to create your own path. Choose today to Choose Yourself.


Don’t chase after the easy win, stop waiting on your boss to decide that you are “ready” for that promotion, or the hiring manager to say, “you have exactly what our company needs.”

Choose yourself by not going after the headlines, instead chase the small steps of excellence that build over time to create success. It isn’t the masses that help you win, it is the individual's lives you change every day by the work you do.

So don’t get bummed out and all bent out of shape when it isn’t you who is chosen. When you don’t make headlines, don’t get the seed money, don’t get the promotion or job, then work on making yourself indispensable or create it yourself. Either way, you will be much happier in the long run.


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