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Is This What I Want to Do for the Rest of My Life?

I hate my job, I don’t get paid near enough for the work I do! I am going to be stuck here for the next 10, 20, or 30 years. These are all comments I have heard from individuals (and even said myself) who are unhappy with their current career and now seek a job change or career development advice. Before you jump ship to pursue your dream of hosting a television game show in California remember the job landscape in the U.S. has changed drastically in the past few years. The economy has altered how corporate America deals with employees and it is important to understand how to navigate the new job environment. The answer to obtaining your dream job may be found right where you currently work or somewhere in the near vicinity.

Here are three suggestions to move you closer to creating the job you want with the job you have:

1. Take time to think about aspects of your work you enjoy; activities that energize you and bring meaning and a sense of fulfillment to your workday. Focus on these tasks and seek out similar responsibilities to increase your job enjoyment. Can’t think of any? Start searching out information about other jobs that interest you within your organization. It is easier to move positions within an organization than start fresh with a different company.

2. Learn something new at work. Learning creates a feeling of accomplishment and provides a challenge. Jason, a successful IT manager found his job exciting and challenging the first 5 years, but when I met with Jason he wasn’t experiencing the same job satisfaction and was contemplating leaving the organization. After questioning him about what changed, Jason realized he was bored, even though he was overwhelmingly busy during the workday. Jason took the initiative to learn new skills and transform his current work into his dream job, while at the same time becoming more valuable to his employer.

3. Take control of your career. It is not up to your boss, work associate, or the cafeteria chef to create your dream job, (although good food at work always helps) it is your responsibility. Only you know how you want to spend 40 hours each week of your life. Research your organization and take action to move to, or create, your dream job.

It is up to you to do one of two things. One, create the job you want with the job you currently have or.......Two, start the search for something different. Make sure you complete your due diligence, the grass isn't always greener. All it takes is some thought and action.


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