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Do You See The True Value?

Why do so many individuals spend time thinking about and wanting to look young, look beautiful, and to be rich? Personally, I think these thought processes are ridiculous. Why waste time on something that is going to fade and why invest energy into something that won’t benefit you long term?

Guess what doesn’t fade?

  1. How the books you read changed the way you think.

  2. Friendships that you fostered and memories you created.

  3. Obstacles that were hard, difficult, and nearly killed you, and yet you still triumphed and overcame them. (Insert ‘Rocky’ theme music with a double fist pump)

  4. How your education provided you with an opportunity to see the world and the people in it through a different lens.

  5. Experiences- they can never be taken away.

  6. Talents you developed that taught you how to focus, collaborate, fail and then get back up again and start over.

I’m not proud of the acid wash denim shirts I had in high school, I laugh about them now. How I pegged and rolled my jeans in school didn’t make me smarter, it just helped me fit in, which is exactly the opposite of what I want to do now.

I value my family, my education, wisdom, kindness, and excellence, just to name a few. Today, take a minute to think about “what you think about” and to observe where you spend your time and money. You may not like what you see and decide to make a change.


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