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Did I Just Say That OUT LOUD?

There is rarely a meeting where I don't ask myself, "Did the person think before they said that?"

The workplace is becoming ever more volatile where others are easily offended. If you are wanting to get promoted, increase your influence, or keep your job, it might be good to THINK before you speak. (period !!!)

T - True and Trustworthy: Is what I am about to say true and does it build trust? If it is a rumor, keep quiet. Do people trust me to tell them the truth?

H - Helpful: Is what I'm going to say be helpful to others? If it is all about me (I want to hear myself speak, i want to look good, smart, or engaged) then keep your mouth shut.

I - Inspiring: Is what I'm going to say positive? Does it build people up, help them improve or motivate them towards excellence? Less than 15% of coaching and development that you provide others is ever actually applied. That is because you didn't inspire them to change, didn't help them see themselves differently, or the benefit of changing.

N - Necessary: Is what I'm going to say necessary? Am I adding to the conversation?

K - Knowledgeable: Share your ideas, spark innovative conversations, take meetings to a higher level of thinking and ask insightful questions.

Be the individual who is known for THINKING before they speak.


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