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Call the Destination and Ask for Directions

Derek Sivers the creator of CD Baby shared this advice and I took it. Most everyone I know has a dream, an item on their bucket list--something they want to accomplish, but they just don't know where to start or what to do next. I liked Derek Silvers' advice: Start to work backward. Contact someone you know who has been there and ask for some advice. Want to work at a certain organization? Call their main office, find someone you know who works there and set up a 10-minute phone call. Don't know anyone? Bet you can find someone who knows someone who can introduce you. That way you can get some advice on how to get an interview.

People give up too early or they don't try hard enough for something they want. They expect it to come easy without any hard work. Technology has made it easier than ever.

I wanted to get to know a famous researcher who is world-renowned for his work and his books. I decided to take Derek's advice so I found the researcher's email and sent him a letter thanking him for his books and research and explained how it had changed the work I do. His work had a profound impact on my career. I got an email back two days later and correspondence began.

Call the destination and ask for direction. You will get there much faster.


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