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Brain Health on Steroids

At least three times a week, I get asked, “What can I do to keep my brain healthy?” The answer is simple and yet, overwhelming.

Learn a foreign language or learn an instrument.

These two activities are a superfood, and super exercise all rolled into one for your brain. In recent studies, the brain of individuals learning a language showed:

  • significant increases in blood flow

  • activation of the anterior hippocampus for encoding new memories

  • activation of the posterior hippocampus for recalling stored information

  • activation of the processing areas of the temporal lobes

  • increased focus

  • enhanced cognitive abilities that protect against decline

  • increase in neuronal connections

  • improvement in self-esteem

WOW!~ Next time you want to check out Instagram, choose a language app instead. 20-30 minutes is all you need.

Ve hazlo! Allez le faire! Los, mach es! Vai a farlo! 去这样做 Qù zhèyàng zuò




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