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A Critical Life Choice

The pandemic and its ripple effects have given rise to thoughts that many individuals were too busy to acknowledge in the past. As the world slowed down and quarantine provided moments of silence to ponder the big questions of life, have you taken the time to wrestle with the questions?

Let me provide one of my favorite big questions. Are you pursuing a life you want?

The answer pre-covid was easy. Society had set up rules, and most of us were more than happy to comply. Work hard to make more money, keep the kids busy with activities, and accumulate nice stuff.

Then covid hit, and we realized nice stuff was toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and water bottles. Funny how quickly that all changed in a matter of days. As we begin to emerge from this community catastrophe, our minds encourage us to get back to the norm as quickly as possible.

Let me be the angel (or the devil depending on how you view me) on the other shoulder, encouraging you to take a good look at all the rules you bought into pre-covid and create some new rules for a life that better suits you.

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur? Why don’t you start a business on the side and see what happens? But don’t just do it for the money. Do it because you are interested in the business and can offer something different.

Do you hate your corporate job, but need the money for your lifestyle? Downsize your life and find a job that may be less stressful and one you enjoy more. Maybe go to technical school and learn a trade.

Perhaps you like the 8-5 corporate job, and your life needs some hobbies, books, fitness, and recreation. Take a moment to see what is missing, or what about your life needs to be changed. Then do it.

It is a critical life choice.




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