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What is the Meaning of Your Life

As we wade through the deep water of a pandemic, social injustice, economic problems, and a complete change of nearly every aspect of our lives, we are nudged to ask more profound questions. The frivolous quickly fades during tumultuous times and we wonder:

What is essential and of most worth?  What do I want my life to be about? What is my legacy?

These questions are at the center of your values, which during difficult times may need to be reevaluated, reconstituted, and reestablished.  Values are anchors to our soul because they are verbs; they are something we do and the choices that we make every day.  Values aren’t cosmetic changes to your life, like new paint on a wall.  They are structural, foundational pillars that change who you are. Your actions reveal your values and, like a billboard, advertise what your life is about. 

What a value is not, is something you own or have. 

Consider your activity in the last week.

  • Did you value hard work?

  • Did you value your loved ones?

  • Did you value friendships?

Now ask yourself did your actions reflect the order of importance you place on those values.

Work first and loved ones second? (Again?)  Friendships and hobbies first and work last?

For many, this is a tough pill to swallow.  The realization that your life may not be a reflection of your values can be a terrible realization.  Making the right adjustments to your life to reflect your values leads to a rich, abundant, vibrant life where the questions I posed at the beginning of the article can be confidently and proudly answered.  Stay too long in the divide, and you will kill your soul. 

Remember, your brain seeks meaning in everything you do.  You literally create your life every single day by the small choices you make.




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