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Quit Hiding!

I promised myself that I would only watch one episode of “The Office.” Three hours and six episodes later, I finally turned the TV off.

“I needed to relax,” I told myself. “I deserved it after such a long week.” Both statements were true in a sense, but I only needed one, maybe two shows to rest my brain. I didn’t need three hours of it.

I suspect you have done the same thing. Given over your will to complete passivity with your eyes glued to the glowing square of the television. I spent three hours not reading, not connecting with family and friends, not learning, not growing, not learning a new hobby (that is pure relaxation!) and in some small way, three hours not changing my part of the world and the people in it.

BIG IDEA: The TV in your family room, bedroom, car, and bathroom mirror (yes, I saw a TV in the bathroom mirror in a model home) are providing you a place to hide from accomplishing and being the person you want to be.

The book you want to write isn’t going to be written while you binge-watch. You aren’t going to learn how to cook, garden, play the guitar, play tennis/pickleball, volleyball or make new friends sitting in front of the box. You aren’t going to start that side gig handing over your attention and time to the TV. You delay accomplishing what your soul dreams of doing and becoming.

Am I against TV? Nope! I am against the household that watches an average of 50 hours a week. That is 50 hours of hiding and procrastinating. All the while, everyone says they are so busy. Too busy to do what they want most.



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