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One By One

For years I was trying to get access to Fortune 100 companies. When I launched my company I wanted to consult for the big names, the Fortune 100 companies, the organizations who would launch my company and help me become well known and respected in the consulting world.

I would submit RFP’s and the big companies would choose everyone else.

I would contact all the Senior Directors, the VP’s in my field (the ones who held the same position as I once did when I worked in corporate America) and I never heard back.

It was terrible, I had all this great work experience, all this schooling, and I couldn’t get access. I felt stuck.

Then around my 40th birthday, a friend of a friend whose cousin’s sister had an aunt that knew someone at a Fortune 100 company introduced me to someone important. I was invited inside the huge corporate machine. I got a good look inside the company and how it ran and what it was made of and I had an epiphany! These massive global companies were made up of people. Individual people! People who had families, who liked their jobs, hated their jobs, were bored, wanted to get promoted and I realized how much I could help these PEOPLE. Not the massive company, but one person at a time. So I started helping out one person at a time, getting to know them, listening to them, and helping them succeed in their jobs. That’s when my company started to grow, that’s when I started to have doors open and companies started calling me. When something isn’t working, my guess is that you first need to remember, it is all about PEOPLE. Helping one person at a time.


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