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My New Book Launches Today!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

It is an exciting day!  It is the launch of “How To Raise Remarkable Kids Without Talking To Them!”  I have always seen myself as a business author, but over the last year I was inspired to write about connecting/reconnecting with your children and innovative ways to be a better parent.  I am so proud of this book and I hope you enjoy it.  Here is a sneak peak at what the book is about.


In this groundbreaking book, Dr. CK Bray opens a window and provides parents, guardians, single moms, and dads with innovative ways of parenting to strengthen relationships and connections with your children and loved ones. During this time of cell phones, social media, Netflix, youtube, and other distractions, communication and connection among family members are declining.

Dr. Bray provides a simple daily solution to touch the heart and mind of your children and provide love, guidance, and support in a way they will hear. Each chapter is filled with humor, personal stories, failures, and everything in between. You will find yourself laughing, crying, and learning how to better connect with those you love. Learn how to raise remarkable children during one of the most crucial developmental stages in their lives in a way that will change both you and them, and you don't even have to speak a word!


The book can be found on Amazon and please leave a rating and review.  I never realized how important rating and reviews are to authors. 




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