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Keeping Sane While Working at Home

Only three months ago, most individuals would have begged for a week to experience a staycation.  Now the staycation has forever worn out its welcome as we try to keep our sanity while working, living, shopping, exercising, and relaxing…all from home.

Let me share three ways to improve your mental and physical health while living in the universe of your home.

  1. Stay connected with friends.  This doesn't mean long conversations or FaceTime calls.  It is a few short texts or a phone call to someone who makes you happy when you talk to them.  Social connection is one of the most important aspects of good mental health.  Don't fall into the trap of discussing negative, fear-inducing topics.  Instead, share funny stories, small wins at work, and other positive topics.

  2. Pick up a new hobby, or rekindle an old one. Don't overdo it!  Remember, you don't need to be an expert; enjoyment is the intention and goal.  The moment you get triggered or start to feel anxious or stressed out, take a 15-minute break and learn something new, a topic that has always fascinated you.  Be wise—don't take the bait and immediately go to social media and news.  Find a topic you are interested in and learn more about it.  I have always wanted to go to Brazil and see the amazon and Rio negro rivers where they converge to create the wedding of the waters.  I spent fifteen minutes learning how this phenomenon occurs and looking at pictures on the internet.  I created a mini vacation.

  3. Make sure you are moving during the day.  Movement impacts your feelings, your perceptions, and can be effective in alleviating depressive symptoms.  Your mind and your body are intimately connected, and when you begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or sad, get up and move around your apartment or home.  Let in some fresh air and stretch.  Small moments of movement, such as five to ten minutes can make a big difference in how you feel.

The secret is to put the three suggestions to the test.  Discover what works for you and make it a habit.  You need it, we all need it. Stay healthy and stay well.




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