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I’m Jealous!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Jealousy is a terrible emotion because it is so personal.  Everyone has their own jealousy map.  While you may be jealous by the success of your college roommates (you were much smarter than they were), another individual may be jealous of their counterpart at work who was chosen for a promotion.  Jealousy is good at explicitly pointing out where you feel least competent and then shining a spotlight on it.  Jealousy wants to ensure you see how everyone else is great and why you are a loser, overweight, underpaid, have no power over your life, and will never get to vacation in Arizona.

Let's break down jealousy.  We have a fear that we will never receive the life perks that come so easily to others. Everyone seems to be getting what is rightfully ours, even though we have no courage to reach for it.

Jealousy doesn't allow your brain to embrace gratitude, abundance, and possibility.  Instead, it screams there is only one piece of pie, and someone else ate it and left you with nothing.  The terrible belief that if a friend or colleague had something great happen to them, they took the only available great thing.  Nothing is left for you.  This is an all or nothing game.  Someone else lose.

Jealousy is so effective it narrows our ability to see things in perspective and steals our ability to decipher other life options.  Jealousy yells, "everyone else has it better than you," all the while quietly stealing away the desire to take action, which is your key to freedom.

Don't be jealous; there is enough pie for everyone.  Your big slice is coming; it may come at a different time and in a different way.  But it will come if you rid yourself of jealousy.




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