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You Are Right

Last week you got in an argument with a counterpart at work and couldn’t believe they blamed the incident on you. “I am totally right!” you think to yourself.

I agree with you, you are right.

But so are they.

The problem is that too often we focus on who is right (and of course we believe it is us) instead of trying to understand another’s viewpoint, or their perception. Perception creates reality for you just as much as the person you are disagreeing with. Incredible to believe, but you may both be right.

The secret is to pause, take a breath, and try to see from the other individual’s viewpoint. It is very difficult to do but when tried, it creates a personal breakthrough in relationships. Your ability to understand another human being and the way they see the world can be an incredibly connecting experience, rather than a divisive one. This skill has the power to be life-changing to your relationships, happiness, and well-being.


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