Change is an opportunity. The ability of an organization to adapt and perform through change begins with the mindset and skills of your people.


Utilizing the latest multi-disciplinary research and business expertise we combine state-of-the-art tools and learning to help your organization thrive and excel through change and difficulty.

The Adaption Institute partners with organizations through the entire change process. A few of our change offerings include:

  • Adaption Aptitude Index

    • ​​​A scientific-based assessment that measures an individual's readiness and ability to respond to change.

  • Adapt to engage

    • An innovative, research-based methodology to engage your people in change, developing their motivation to thrive and succeed during difficult times.

  • Adaption Accelerator

    • Combining your current learning suite with our customized programs to accelerate mastery of the skills and mindsets your people need to excel, thrive, and perform through change.

  • Adaption Longevity

    • A unique resource to sustain momentum, engagement, and performance over the life of the change initiative.

Developing people is paramount to the success of the organization and each team member. Science has provided insight into new and innovative learning strategies.      


The Adaption Institute assists organizations with developing employees and leaders while identifying and developing learning agility. The ability to learn quickly, work well through change, thrive on challenges, create insights, and have the capactiy to adapt and learn in a volatile work environment has become an essential skill for excellence and top performance.

A few of our learning solutions:

  • Adapt - The Science of Change

  • Evolve - The Science of Learning

  • Insight - The Science of Insight,       Creativity, and Innovation

  • Think - The Science of Mindset

  • Thrive - The Science of Overcoming Obstacles and Difficulties

  • Achieve - The Science of Excellence 

& Culture

Leadership and Culture are created from an organization's collective beliefs, values and behaviors.


Leadership is acquired through personal experiences, experiential learning, and pivotal moments of truth; not only classroom learning.  


The Adaption Leader Development system analyzes and enhances your leaders ability to connect, coach, inspire, and lead their teams.  

Due to increased workloads, speed of change, and other time constraints, leadership development is woven into daily work, personal interactions, and meetings. We rewire how leadership is learned, developed, and implemented. We provide an innovative model to ensure sustained learning happens at the right place and at the right time.


Organizations that have a defined purpose, live their values, and develop their people create a culture of belonging, employee fulfillment, and top performance


The Adaption Institute team, along with our partner researchers and scientists, assist your organization with identifying and prioritizing core values, behaviors, decisions, and actions. We help your employees understand their value to the organization at an individual, team, and organizational level.


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